What is a Virtual Legal Assistant?

A Virtual Legal Assistant is a highly-skilled entrepreneur who performs a wide range of administrative and legal assistant services.  However, a Virtual Assistant does not simply offer office support services, they develop collaborative relationships with clients.  Virtual assisting is all about partnering with clients in order to represent them and their business from any distance.


Why should I hire Virtual Ally?

 OUR #1 Commitment to Customer Satisfaction!

 OUR Professionalism and Confidentiality

 OUR Experience and Credentials

 OUR Quality Services – always completed on time!


How is the work completed?


  use your programs and precedents

  allows instant access to your data

  timely and beneficial as the work is instantly available to you



  Google Drive


  documents are secured by 256 Bit Encryption


What areas of law is Virtual Ally familiar with?

  motor vehicle accidents

  medical malpractice

  personal injury

  wills and estates


What types of software is Virtual Ally familiar with?

  Microsoft Office 365

  Adobe Acrobat and Reader

  Korbitec ACL


  Quickbooks Pro 2013


  Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail






What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant versus an in-house assistant?
First, let’s start with our Features

 WE are Canadian!

 YOU only pay for the time spent on task

 WE have flexible working hours and offer evening and weekend service upon request

 WE offer FREE no-obligation consultations


 YOU save TIME and MONEY

 YOU are able to focus on your billable hours while we do the rest

 YOU will find the process seamless and convenient

 YOU will have more FREE TIME!!

 YOU SAVE MONEY by not having to purchase office space, equipment, or computers

 YOU SAVE MONEY by not having to pay for vacation time, or for an expensive benefit package

 YOU SAVE MONEY by not having to pay for “hidden” costs such as payroll taxes, sick time, or break time

 YOU will have peace of mind knowing that the assistant you have hired is knowledgeable, capable, and dependable!


Is a contract necessary?

Yes, a signed contract ensures that both parties are in agreement about the terms of the working arrangement.

How does Virtual Ally handle privacy issues?

Virtual Ally takes your privacy very seriously – we are, after all, a business ourselves and understand the need for privacy.  Years of working in law firms has shown me how important confidentiality, ethics and conflict issues are.  We will take all steps necessary to protect client information and to prevent conflicts.

How do I know that the documents created by Virtual Ally are secure?

Documents are saved to an external hard drive ONLY.

How do I know that any information or data exchanged via email is secure?

All information and data provided to or by Virtual Ally via email is secured by 256 Bit Encryption.

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