You have a busy law practice which affords you great benefits but also comes with ever-increasing demands on your time. Let’s face it ~ we all want to succeed but juggling your work life and home life can be tricky.

Here’s where I come in.

As a virtual legal assistant, or sometimes referred to as a “legal VA”, I can provide time and money-saving solutions to you!

Look at your hourly rate and figure out how many billable hours of your time are wasted on administration tasks?  When you do the math, it adds up quickly.  Compare that to the cost of having a virtual legal assistant do those tasks.  Not only does this save you money, but it also saves you time.  And, in doing so, it helps your stress level too!

You only pay for the time it takes to complete the assignment, nothing more.  For example, with a regular employee, you may need to give them 20 or 30 hours of work weekly, but with a virtual assistant you may decide you only need 10 hours one week and 2 the next.

Here are 8 ways that I will help you succeed:

1.     Digital Transcription

With the click of a button, you can forward your digital dictation to me for transcription.  If you take notes by hand, you may scan and send them to be typed up.  Typically, 15 minutes of dictation = 1 hour of service.

2.     Correspondence, Pleading and Document Preparation

Let us take care of the back and forth between other lawyers and clients.  Just give us the jist of what you want to say and we’ll draft and send it out for you.  Pleadings and court documents are easily completed either by using your precedents or our own library of precedents.

3.     Proofreading, Editing and Formatting

Let us make it just right!  The final touch means it’s polished and ready to go.

4.     Email and Calendar Management

Everyone hates going through email after email, discarding 75% of “junk”.  You don’t have time for that.  Let me declutter your inbox and organize it in a way that suits your needs.  For example, your bar-related emails can go to a specific folder, while prospective clients and existing clients can go to others.  We’ll prioritize your emails so you can spend less time scouring for the most relevant emails and are able to answer the most important ones first.

Allow a virtual legal assistant to manage your calendar.  Tickler and reminder system administration will help organize your calendar and keep you on track!  Reply and follow-up service is also available.

5.     Meeting Co-ordination

Virtual Ally will schedule your client and third party meetings for you and all you have to do is show up.  We will also act as your liason with court offices, process servers, couriers, etc.

6.     Internet Research

Wow, look at the time. You just spent two hours doing internet research and you’re still not finished (yawn). But, hey, you’ve finally decided on that couch you’ve been wanting to buy.  We all get sidetracked once we hit the internet.  Allow Virtual Ally to focus of the task at hand and find you the information you need.  Oh, and we can also help you find the perfect couch.

7.     Digital Filing

We will work with you to create and manage a digital filing system just to suit your needs! There are a few different options, with cloud-based and file sharing services being the most popular.

8.     General Administration Tasks

Allow us to take care of the daily tasks such as data entry and telephone calls. Heck, there’s probably little things you do every day that can really take a chunk of your time.

In summary, let’s go over the benefits of hiring Virtual Ally as your virtual legal legal assistant:

  YOU save TIME and MONEY

  YOU only pay for the time spent on task

  YOU are able to focus on your billable hours while we do the rest

  YOU will find the process seamless and convenient

  YOU will have peace of mind knowing that the assistant you have hired is knowledgeable, capable, and dependable!

  YOU will have more FREE TIME!!

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

Caroline Collins is a Canadian virtual legal assistant with over 25 years’ experience.